“I have never seen this type of energy from a canvas. The colors are vibrant and the style one I have not seen before or since. The absence of brush strokes and the blending of colors through multiple layers creates images that just jump off the walls.” Marc Markel, Roberts, Markel, Weinberg, Butler, Hailey PC (formerly Roberts and Markel, PC – collector of 25 paintings in their law offices in Houston, Sugar Land, and Austin.)

“It was in July 2008 that I first saw your work in a decor magazine – I’m always looking for ideas. Anyway, a painting of yours was displayed in a home in Manhattan. Dominick and I have been looking for years for artwork that spoke to both of us. We are fortunate in that our taste in style and art are the same. When I saw this piece, I immediately knew you were for us. I emailed your website to Dominick and he was smitten as well. We looked and looked at your work for months and finally contacted you. We selected many pieces and as you know, struggled to limit ourselves. Each time we looked on line, your pieces became more beautiful and meaningful to us. You know how excited we were talking to you, making our final selections and waiting for their arrival. I was prepared for beauty. I was not prepared for the effect I was to have opening the boxes and seeing the life of your work. I trembled at the luscious color of spectacular depth and life, the most breathtaking eye candy. I can’t get enough of the all consuming beauty, wonder and power. My eyes and soul are thirsty for more. We have placed these wonders in various rooms on our main floor giving us beauty at each turn. We are thrilled to have “you” in our home and thank you for letting us share in the joy of your work. We look forward to more!” Wendy and Dominick D’Ambra, collector of 16 paintings.

“Aleta, my wife and I have been amateur art collectors for nearly 30 years but more seriously in the last 10 years.  We had our whole family in Santa Fe last Christmas and spent several days going up and down looking in the multitude of Galleries on Canyon Rd. We saw a lot of nice pieces but nothing really gabbed me.  It was only when  we came back for dinner that we passed your Gallery on Delgado and I was struck by the beauty –  I believe the piece is called “Center of the Universe”. It was by far the most striking contemporary painting I have seen anywhere.  We came right back the very next day and purchased 3 large paintings and 4 of your delightful 4″X4″ squares. You weren’t there at the time of purchase but we came back on Christmas Eve to meet you and of course you had the charm and grace that seems perfectly natural to go with the beautiful expressions that come through your art. When you contacted be a few months later I bought two more large pieces for my office. Count us as among your biggest fans.”  Jamie & Howard Deichen, Napa Valley California

“The palette starts with red, the colors are luminous, their structure dynamic. These paintings provoke the imagination; to soar, turn your face up to a rain, look across a fire…They are exciting.”  Robert Guyer (collector of 9 paintings)

“Your emotional attachment to your work and life in general left a lasting and sanguine impression with us.” Larry and Ty Fox

“Sometimes I walk right by the art in my home that I truly love and never even notice. However, when I stop and notice the works, it really makes me feel very good, almost like stopping to smell the roses, ‘so much peace and joy!’ ” Diane Cadenhead (Collector of 6 paintings)

“When I build my building, I will definitely want one of your paintings for the reception area. Amazing intensity.” John Polewski, Polewski & Associates, P.C.

“We put up the piece (they purchased Over, Under and Through We Go) immediately and it looks WONDERFUL! We admire it all of the time.” Renee Toney

“Received Abundant Now today. LOVE it. Fits perfectly in my living room and really brings amazing positive energy to the room. Also my life has been really abundant the last couple of weeks…a lot more than usual…since I paid off the painting. Coincidence? I think not. I think this painting was meant to be mine so I can always remember how abundant life is.” T.J. Rai, MD

(Joy Spreads…Pass It On) This painting is a very powerful piece and has given me great joy in having been exposed to your work Aleta. I am a 15 year career soldier having been a medic for most of my life. I have been to many significant world events of late including 9-11, Iraq, and Afghanistan where I’ve seen both the worst and the best of mankind. I have been in counseling for the better part of three years trying to deal with many of the dark parts of my life and the pain that comes from loss, destruction, and war. This has been a long road of self reflection and contemplations for me to come to a better place where I can see other great things in life like love, joy, and happiness again. Aleta, your painting speaks volumes to me in my struggle to deal with and clear some of the darkness and pain. It offers hope and a vision that as I clear some of the dark memories there is a great feeling of inner peace coming. Your painting helped me appreciate my journey even more and to realize that calmer days are coming. Thank you for your work. You have touched my life in a very profound and meaningful way. I am forever changed by the experience. Your contributions has had a significant impact on the life of another person and that is a very noble thing. Mike

Wanted to let you know I still have the first painting I bought from you, Evolution, from your show in Idyllwild, hanging in our living room. It has natural light from a skylight and is really lovely all these years later. It was signed in 2000. Just thought I’d let you know how much we still enjoy it. Carolyn Gross, Creative Life Solutions

(The following is a brief excerpt from LeRoy Hinton who selected two of my paintings for cover art on the American Journal of Critical Care for May and July 2015.) …I am really taken with your work. I’m especially drawn to the energy, vibrancy and depth of your works. I love your use of color to convey the light of the spirit. Leroy Hinton, Art Director, American Journal of Critical Care

My painting (Carried by the Wind) arrived early this morning and I couldn’t wait to let you know how much I love this piece.  It looks perfect in my living room!  The vibration is uplifting….and it draws my attention from every angle in this large, open room. Whenever anyone walks into my home, they are immediately drawn to your painting and the “oooh’s and aaah”s” begin. I love it and feel very happy that I waited until I spotted “the right piece”. Thank you!  Karen Lytle