Blue and Then Some by Santa Fe abstract painter, Aleta Pippin

Technology and Art…Santa Fe’s digital pulse

(Santa Fean Magazine, December 2015/January 2016) “The music helps to provide a rhythm for each composition,” says local artist Mike Namingha of his new collection. “In each one I thought of the abstract expressionists, how they could attack a canvas – and that’s what I wanted to do; only with a camera and using light as my brush.” Read more…

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Garden's Gate by Santa Fe abstract painter, Aleta Pippin

Aleta Pippin…returning to the past while exploring the future

(Santa Fean NOW by Cristina Olds, September 24, 2015) For experimental artist Aleta Pippin, the old is new – but even better. Her upcoming show, Back to the Future…The Art of Exploration (opening on September 25 at her Canyon Road gallery, Pippin Contemporary), marks a return to the oils and acrylics she first painted with more than 20 years ago. Read more…

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Blue and Then Some by Santa Fe abstract painter, Aleta Pippin

The Art of Exploration…

(Aleta Pippin’s show, The Art of Exploration, is previewed by American Art Collector, Sept/Oct 2015.) In Aleta Pippin’s new abstract works, she creates a world for her audience, and then lets them populate it with their own visions, fantasies, characters, and ideas. Read more…

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Reaching the High Note #2 by Santa Fe artist, Aleta Pippin

Art for Your Home

(by Paul Weideman for Home Magazine, The New Mexican, July 2015) It is an interesting face that many styles of furnishings work equally well in the Santa Fe Style home. Just as hollyhocks, cacti, roses, yucca, and cosmos all look great against the adobe (or adobe-look) exterior, the interior of a typical house in the City Different…Read more

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The Edge by Aleta Pippin

The Deep South(West)

(by Steve Gill for Slice Magazine, November 2014) – The capital of New Mexico isn’t just possessed of a stark, arid, natural beauty and distinctive architectural style; it’s also a renowned center for creative splendor thanks to the many artists…read more…

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On Top of the World by Aleta Pippin

Aleta Pippin – The Path of Exploration Continues

(August 2013) Abstract Expressionist Aleta Pippin, contributing artist and owner of Pippin Contemporary, will be showing her newest works at her upcoming show, “The Exploration Continues.” The show will run from August 15 to September 3, 2013, with the opening reception from 5-7PM on Friday, August 16. Read more…

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Lighten Up by Santa Fe artist, Aleta Pippin

Continual Exploration

Aleta Pippin, contributing artist and owner of Pippin Contemporary, will show her newest works as part of the solo show The Exploration Continues. The show runs August 15 to September 3 with an opening reception on August 16. When Pippin decided to pursue art full time, she followed it completely and never looked back. Read more…

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Dancing in the Garden by Santa Fe artist, Aleta Pippn

The Essential Guide – It’s in the Light

Women in Art in New Mexico by Ariana Lombardi by The Essential Guide (2013) – Northern New Mexico has drawn artists and creative minds since the early 1900s. historically, Native American and New Mexican artisans and artists used their creativity to express themselves, their culture and their past. Read more…

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